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Code Fusion Mobile Software is a small software development project I created in 2009 dedicated to developing Android applications.  What started as a project to organize my own life with a list app has turned into a thriving business, supported by a fantastic user base.


Dammit Jim! I'm an App Programmer not a Web Designer!

List Master FAQ

General Questions

What’s the difference between List Master Pro and the free version?

Pro is completely ad free, in addition to having extra power features (A full list of Pro only features can be found here).

Why doesn't voice recognition work on my phone? 

The voice recognition system is built into the Android platform.  
However, some phone manufacturers take out the voice recognition system to replace it with their own.
These systems are incompatible with List Master.

This is a known issue on the Samsung "Moment".

There is no workaround for this issue.  If you are getting the "voice recognizer not found", you will not be able to use the voice recognition unless your phone provider releases an update to make your phone compatible. 

Can I change the font size?

You certainly can. The options can be found in settings under "Appearance"

Can I manually rearrange the list?

Yes you can.  Simply click the sorting button and check the "Allow Manual Sorting" checkbox.

Email/SMS Sharing

How do I email a list to someone?

There are two ways.  From the main screen, you can long click on a list and click Export List.  Alternatively, you can open the list and select Export from the menu.
Once you are to the export screen: click the Email button, adjust your settings, and click export.

Your email client will then open with the list already in the body text and an attachment that can be opened by another List Master user (if configured in export wizard).

Can I email a list to someone who doesn’t have List Master?

You can email it to anyone, and they will be able to read the email text. However if they don't have List Master, they won't be able to read or edit the attachment.
You could send them a CSV attachment and let them open it in Excel.

Why does it say my backup or export failed?

The most likely problem is that your SD Card is not mounted.
Make sure you don't have the USB cable connected.  
If you can access your SD Card from your computer, your phone can not use it at all.

Can I export to Excel spreadsheet (CSV)?

Yes you can.  Simply export a list and select CSV as the output format.

Why can’t I export list to SMS?

Lists are generally too big for SMS messages.
You can send individual notes to anyone with a SMS capable phone by long clicking the note and selecting Send Via SMS.


How do I restore a List Master backup from another device?

Put the db_backup_lite.dbb file on the SD Card in the LIstmaster_data directory.  
Then disconnect the USB, open List Master, go to Settings, and click Restore Backup.

What formats can I import from?

List Master recognizes two formats, XML files generated by List Master on other phones, and CSV values that could be created by anything.

Is your question not here?

If your question isn't on this page, please e-mail the developer at listmaster@codefusionmobile.com.
Your question will be answered via email and possibly added to the FAQ.