About Code Fusion

Code Fusion Mobile Software is a small software development project I created in 2009 dedicated to developing Android applications.  What started as a project to organize my own life with a list app has turned into a thriving business, supported by a fantastic user base.


Dammit Jim! I'm an App Programmer not a Web Designer!

List Master Pro

List Master Pro is the Premium version of List Master.  It boasts all the features of the free version, several special features, and no ads.

Upgrading from the free version is easy. Simply, backup your files and then download Pro.  When Pro starts, it will detect the backup and ask if you want to import the files you backed up earlier.


  • All Standard List Master features
  • No Ads!
  • More List Types
    • Create inventories.
    • Organize your movie/book library
  • Create New List Types
    • Customize your lists as much as you want.
    • Edit up to six customizable fields.
    • Streamline your list making by telling List Master what is most important to you.