About Code Fusion

Code Fusion Mobile Software is a small software development project I created in 2009 dedicated to developing Android applications.  What started as a project to organize my own life with a list app has turned into a thriving business, supported by a fantastic user base.


Dammit Jim! I'm an App Programmer not a Web Designer!

List Master


List Master is a powerful list maker which lets you create multiple lists, add notes quickly and easily, and put those notes into several lists at the same time.  You can also manage the nuances of your list by adding details, due dates, and priority to your note.

However, the straightforward design keeps the average user in mind by allowing a wide variety of features with minimal effort. For example, to create a note all you have to do is click Add, type a title, and click Save.

List Master Pro is the improved, ad free version.  Check it out here.

Key features

  • Multiple Lists
    • All of your lists are visible on the summary screen. Allowing you to quickly survey all your lists at once.
  • Notes can be in multiple lists at once 
    • A note you placed in several lists is edited by an action in merely one list. i.e. “Get Bananas” could be marked off your “Shopping List” AND your “To Do” list.
  • Sublists
    • Nest lists within lists within lists however you want.  Sublists can even be in multiple lists at once.  The ultimate in freedom of organization.
  • Voice Recognition 
    • You can create lists even easier. Simply push a button, talk, and save. You’re done, and you didn’t even have touch a keyboard.
  • Database Backup
    • An optional auto-backup backups your lists to your phone’s SD Card. This allows you to switch phones or guard against phone disaster.
  • Share Lists via E-mail
    • You can add your lists to another person’s List Master by sending the desired list as an attachment via e-mail.
  • SMS notes
    • By using the SMS App of your choice, you can send any note to anyone.
  • Home Screen Shortcuts
    • Create a shortcut direct to any list from the home screen.
  • Copy List Button
    • Easily duplicate and rename your lists with the touch of a button.
  • Subnotes
    • Each note can have multiple subnotes that appear right in the list.
    • View multiple levels of organized info at once!
  • Export All Lists
    • Export all your lists in just two clicks!
    • Save to an XML file that can be perfectly reproduce your lists on another phone.
    • Or save to CSV and edit your lists in Excel
  • Uncheck All Notes in List
    • Easily reuse your lists with the click of a button.
    • Uncheck all the notes in a list at once.

Additional Features

You can also automatically delete checked notes; customize the appearance by changing how much information is displayed on the list and adjusting the font size for easier reading; and bring your lists to life by choosing from five fun animations or turn off the animations completely (but what fun is that?).